is a informational guide to help players with discovering where to locate slots bonuses that are given for free without the need to purchase. With the high number of casinos that are for online play there is always those that give away money for the sake of gaining their business. Finding those is the tricky part especially for those living with in the UK. With new laws all must be licensed in order to server UK customers which left many to exit that market, leaving only a handful that still will give free slots bonuses. It is possible this will change in the future as well with higher restrictions always being placed on the operators. For now you are left with maybe one tenth of the casinos out there to play. As found in local casinos around the Piccadilly Circus area you have special pub type slots which is available online as well. Not only do they have those similar games but they have a whole lot more to pick from and the good thing is you can view them in action with bonuses from the following casinos.

Virtual City

One of the things that totally amazes me is all the jackpot winners out of the UK, it is like there is a big horseshoe over all the people giving them luck like no other country. We are referrring to winners that have hit jackpots in the millions. Once in awhile you will hear about a winner from different places but then back the the UK again and some of these hit more than 5 million and over 10 million in some cases. I know everyone else envy's the luck which surrounds these players.

Golden Tiger

Right now online casinos are giving players free credits to try there luck on the casino slots games, you have nothing to loose but if you don't play you will miss out on some great entertainment. There is not catch to these promotions, they just want to give you a risk free chance to see if you like their casino, and if you decide you really enjoy the games, you might become a customer. Of course with all free promotions there is certain wagering requirements on the bonus to ensure that no one is just claiming and collecting money without playing the casino games.

Captain Cooks

Playing the free slots is a way to get some experience with the slot machines and figure out what they are about, how they pay and what type of bonus feature they have to win more credits. With games that have bonus features or free spins this is where the most wins come from and you want to make sure it does pay decent, not some lame amounts. You may want to know how long it takes to hit those extra features, a strategy may be playing on the free mode as a guest which the game does play exactly the same as live real player version, see of the machines are paying then switch to real play. All the casinos are licensed and regulated which makes players feel a bit more secure on payouts. Not all online casinos are licensed but the ones we have listed here, so get from free slots cash so you can see what they are all about and if you consider this a proper casino. If you would like to see what is being offered to others around the world you can view slots bonuses here. Even though you cannot join up with them, you can compare offers.