Privacy Policy

At we do not collect or store any personal data of visitor to our site. Only information we gain is ip address which is identified within our server log files. IP address are only collected to identify ddos attackers, hackers and other types of misuse. That data would only be shared to proper authorities in such an event. We do not keep information on servers for more than a few days. No personal data is stored or collected.

We do not use cookies on our site. We do not allow visitors to log into our site, so no data is collected or temporary cookies.

Third-Party Links

Articles on this site may include  (e.g. links, images) from third parties. These websites may collect data about you, use cookies, additional third-party tracking once you leave our site and go to theirs. We are not responsible for privacy policies on third-party sites as we have no control once you leave. Please view their privacy policies.

Your rights

Since we do not collect your personal data there is no need to ask us to remove it. We do not have stored information about you.

About our site

We are informational site providing personal opinions and information which can change without our knowledge. We try to keep our information up to date, however changes happen without our knowledge in regards to third party links. The third party links do explain in detail how each promotion works.